Sms Experiment

Acculturation Initiative

To participate, text anything to: 4159FORM18

Join us for a new kind experiment to gamify our sustainability & measure our collective consciousness! Earn prizes for playing as you help us understand the collective “WE”! We are measuring data on 2 things at FORM 2018. First, we’re studying how our collective conscious flows! We want to see where, when, and why we feel most connected and thriving. Also, we’re helping gamify things to make FORM more sustainable. Check out below for more info!

Collective Consciousness Map

Rate your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spritual level (1-9 scale) when we prompt you. Your participation lets us understand and map the thriving of the collective “WE”!

Simply reply with a 4 character or 6 character code and participate when prompted…

First four digits: “On a scale of 1-9 (with higher being better), how do you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually right now?” A sample response looks like: “2489”… which would mean weak physically, decent emotionally, very clear mentally, and very connected spiritually.

Optionally, you can add 2 letters to tell us your location and who you’re with.


  • S – Apse
  • F – Foundry
  • V – Vaults
  • C – Food Court
  • A – Ampitheater
  • M – Minds Garden
  • Y – Canyon
  • P – Patron Village
  • R – Rooftop
  • O – Pool

For who you’re with…

Social Setting:

  • S for solo
  • A if with acquaintances
  • T for together w/ friends
  • C for in a crowd

A complete 6 character response would look like “5391RT”

The Sustainability Game

Help us promote environmental and cultural stewardship! Simply text us the activity codes to earn points and prizes! You’ll see 3 character codes that look like “A01” around site at sustainability activity locations. Text them to 4159FORM18 for them to be recorded.

At the end of FORM, the top scorers will be mailed prizes!

Earn Points:

8 Take Arco tour

8 Be a volunteer

8 Attend the Arco Resident Panel

4 Attend Jeff Stein keynote

4 Attend the designated cultural talks

4 Hike to the solar shade

4 Forage the designatededible landscape

4 Refer your friends

2 Check the Arco photo wall

2 Pack in/out

2 Each composting & recycling receptacle

2 Bring your reusable bottle

2 Use your own plates/utencils

2 Take a shorter shower