About Arcosanti

What is Arcosanti?

Arcosanti is an urban laboratory and experimental micro-city in the high desert of Arizona. It was architected by the visionary Paolo Soleri (1919-2013) and built by over 7,000 volunteers over the last 40+ years. During this time, Arcosanti has committed itself to cultural evolution, sustainable urbanism, and community.  The stunning architecture is nestled in 860 acres of Riparian nature preserve. This “Urban Laboratory” is focused on one essential question: “WHAT IF?”

Currently, …

Today, Arcosanti is visited by 40,000 people annually for education on Arcology (theory of architecture + ecology), sustainability, events, culture and more! There are 50-70 full-time residents in a variety of departments, ranging from architecture, construction, IT, and our famous bell making foundry and ceramic teams. Please check out here for more info about Arcosanti.

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