Making Convergence in Your Unique Way
Convergence is an exploratory event that is pushing the boundaries of co-creation. We are activating a number of processive multi-sensory experiences to quantifiably raise and measure attendees levels of consciousness. Want to learn more?
Our Invitation
CoCreative Experiments
Many Visions, One Goal
Convergence is all for empowering you to follow their highest joy. In this spirit, we offer a space, resources and context for you make a vibrant demonstration of co-creation. We invite you to apply as an official co-creator and receive a discounted ticket.  Read below for official co-creative events, in addition to what the many participants are bringing!
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Convergence Studio
Convergence Studio is a co-creative music experiment where everyone can come together to make a musical composition that captures the energy of this moment in time. In the experience, participants create a mosaic of music samples that are blended to make a composition. The samples are all shared online in real-time, giving large audiences further potential to co-create a shared sonic story. Then, on Sunday, all can dance to the new music performed by the creators and mixed by a live DJ!
Lucid Dreaming Experiment
This is a large community sleepover in a shared space. The intention is to allow as many “dreamers” to reach a state of shared lucidity as possible. This goes beyond dreaming in a world created by one’s subconscious into a shared dream where people “cross over” into each others experience! There are sequences of sounds, smells, and other sensory elements to bring participants deep into their dream realm. Dream interpreters help participants make sense of the journey. The night’s sleep ends with crystal sounds, a meditation, yoga and pancakes shortly after sunrise.
Zero Waste Challenge
Convergence is experimenting with how to minimize its environmental impact. We aim to collectively fill up only a single trash can! We have created a circular economy game, so everyone can help play their part and have fun!
Activators & Resonators
Convergence is breaking from the conference paradigm of “experts on stage”, instead empowering a large part of the attendees to openly practice a specific esoteric creative, healing, or channeling skill at the event in public. Activators are given explicit permission to self-organize groups of people around their gifts to create resonance rapidly in the community of attendees.
Collective Consciousness Mapping
Smart necklaces allow attendees to tell us their level of thriving in real time using custom kiosks. Emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual dimensions are measured. The results are mapped in real-time.
Empathy Experiments
Various intuitive and sensory experiences are held to increase the empathic abilities of attendees. Specific techniques to develop telepathic, auric and visionary skills are used.
Demonstration Area
Dozens of demonstrations that show, not tell...
Our organizational marketplace and exhibition space will be a central feature throughout the weekend. Put your project on display alongside leaders and advocates for an environmentally balanced, socially just, and economically wholesome world. The demo space functions as a village commons for projects, companies, non-profits, and creatives to share ideas and engagement opportunities. 20+ local and global organizations will be present to share their work with the public and each other.
How to Get Involved
Convergence 2018 is seeking project managers, teachers, organizers, etc. Please reach out if you hope to be involved, or if you have ideas for our development. Also, if you’d like to see our needs list and contribute directly, visit them here.
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Join us October 5-7!