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The Coop was formed by 6 of us, including Ruth-Claire Weintreub (d.2018). To see our current enrollment, check the memberships page.


We formed in the long winter of 2017, and began opening memberships in Q2 of 2018


We feel the democratic inclusion of many in guiding the project is obvious and want to break from the company-town paradigm.


We are based at Arcosanti, in the high desert of Arizona. Our members are around the world.

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Board of Directors

Ryan David

Board Member / Co-Founder

Kate Bemesderfer

Board Member

Rob Jameson

Interim Chair / Co-Founder

SeanPaul VonAcken

Board Member / CoFounder

Elana Novali

Board Member/CoFounder

Devron Lovick

Board Member/CoFounder
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