Plan to have the best event possible. Read on to learn how to do it!
  • Ethos

    Convergence is about active participation in both contemplation and celebration. We want to orient our spirit towards critical thinking, collaboration, and joy. Our endeavor is to confront global themes in ways that acknowledge our full human experience – one where openness and presence are tools for true connection and real solutions. Convergence is participant-centric, so our flow and scheduling are designed to enable co-creative opportunities where everybody can have the space to both teach and learn from each other. We have set the stage, but it’s up to everyone to play the music! By engaging, speaking out, and bringing your best self, the Convergence takes the opportunity to understand how we are more than the sum of our parts.

  • Zero Waste

    • Convergence is a “towards” zero waste event! Of course, true zero waste is practically a fiction, but we will not be using or providing ANY single-use items throughout the weekend. This means you’ll have to plan ahead by bringing a nice cup if you want to drink beer or wine! (we will be selling reusable cups)
    • We will once again be experimenting with how minimal our environmental impact can be! Over the weekend, we aim to collectively fill up only a single trash can.

  • Arrival

    Getting here: Arcosanti is Located at 13555 South Cross L Rd, Mayer AZ 86333. The turn-off from I-17 is at Cordes Junction, if you are coming from Prescott on hwy 69 then Cordes Junction is where hwy 69 meets the I -17. From the exit you will head north alongside the Highway until you hit a dirt road.

    Parking: Cars will be parked at the Arcosanti Site. Because of space limitations, please Carpool if you can and only bring small campers/rv’s.There will be a 200-meter walk in between your parking spot and the campground, so please come prepared to carry gear a small distance We will have a small cart available to transport some heavier items over.

    Registration: Once you park, signs will point to the registration booth. Here, you’ll just need to present your ticket alongside your photo I.D. and you’ll get your wristband. If you purchased multiple tickets with one name, please be sure that the other folks you purchased for are with you in person. After receiving a wristband and being presented with a few ideas you will head over to the campground to set up!

    Start Time: Gates open and light scheduling begins at 10am on Friday. Try to arrive early to get set up and dive into programming. In the early afternoon on Friday, site tours will introduce everybody to our home. Please try to take a Site Tour to get the context of what Arcosanti is and how it holds the intention of the weekend. Finally, we will have a welcoming address at 6:30pm sharp before we transition into music for the evening!

  • Camping

    The Convergence is a camping event! The main campground will be located in the Mind Garden, overlooking the Agua Fria River. There is also a Vaults Sleep-Over/Lucid Dreaming Experience on Saturday with a wake up sound healing that will begin at 7:30am on Sunday. We would encourage you to take this option to enjoy a wonderful night underneath the vaults!!

    Density is Key: Space for camping will be a bit tight, so please try not to spread out too much in the Mind Garden. Camping Areas will be clearly marked.

    If you are not interested in camping, the Cordes Junction Motel is only 2 miles away!

  • Rules and Regulations

    Smoking is 100% prohibited on the concrete! If you need to smoke there are areas away from city center!

    Any form of Weapon will not be allowed on site.

    Drugs are illegal and prohibited. Any substance that leads towards apathy, indifference, and disconnection is completely antithetical to what we are here to do.

    The Arcosanti community is inviting us into their home for the weekend. It’s so important that we respect this fact and that we do our best to be conscientious guests for our gracious hosts!

    Please respect all signs and site boundaries.

  • Packing List


    3 Season tent

    Sleeping gear that is suitable for cold temperatures in the high desert.

    Food and Snacks


    Plants, seeds, etc!

    Lighting for tent, headlamp to traverse the desert


    Rain gear – Just in Case 🙂

    Any medical needs (the nearest clinic is 2 miles away)

    First aid kit (we’ll have some on site alongside professional staff, but it doesn’t hurt to have extras)

    Water Bottle

    Reusable Dish, Cutlery, and Cup.

    Bring an item or create an experience to share with others! We’re opening spaces to play music and ART together.

    Perhaps you’d like to bring extra painting supplies, or a sacred item for the altar, be creative!


    sleeping mats



    Yoga mats


    Water bottles


    Headphones and smartphone (for binaural broadcast)


    Eye pillows

    Hats/Warm Clothes


    Bring Instruments!







  • Food and Drink

    Cafe: At Convergence, you will eat local, organic, and heritage foods. We are doing our best to source Good, Clean, and Fair to align with Slow Food ideals. Every meal in the Cafe at Arcosanti will feature an Ark of Taste ingredient.

    All dishes will be vegetarian or vegan! Whipstone Farm and other local farms will supply most of the produce and our chefs and volunteers will supply all of the love.

    Cafe Meal Times -Breakfast 7:00am – 9:00am Lunch 12:00pm – 2:00pm Dinner 5:00pm – 7:00pm
    B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own) Plates, Utensils, and Cups for H2O, Coffee, and Beer. The Site has very limited extras, and to align with our ZERO WASTE goals, we will not have disposable options available! We will have re-usable 16oz Arcosanti Cups for sale. IF YOU ARE JOINING US IN THE CAFE, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH PLATES + CUPS, but BYO for H20/Beer/Wine Later on!

    Community Qwitchen (Kitchen): The Community Qwitchen is a space we are experimenting with at this year’s Convergence. The Qwitchen will provide a welcoming FREE option for people to bring food and cook together. With amenities like a small apothecary, tea station, stove-tops, sinks, pots and pans, table-tops and more – the qwitchen will be a wonderful venue for your own culinary exploration. In the qwitchen you’ll need to bring your own bowls and utensils!

  • What is Arcosanti

    Arcosanti is an Urban Laboratory… What is an Urban Laboratory!? GREAT QUESTION. For one thing, it is a platform for experimentation, and place where – for example – you can blend the thoughtfulness of a conference with the exuberance of a festival. The Urban Lab is a place to push boundaries AND define them. Arcosanti experiments with the way we live with each other – sustainably – with respect – and with shared intention to problem solve in urgent times. Please visit Arcosanti.org to get a deeper understanding of our project.



Join us October 5-7!