Luna Flora

Official Burning Man Sculpture
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The Concept

The Moon is fraught with symbolism.  It represents the feminine in our celestial skies, a natural balance to the masculinity of the Sun.

The fact that the predictability of its cycle is in direct alignment with the feminine rhythm and fertility has been noted in historical documentation for millennia. Moon imagery is associated with beginnings, growth, clarity, and release.  It also represents the shadow or darkness in nature.

The moon is luminous yet produces no light of its own; it is a reflection of the sun’s blazing rays and we might do well to wonder if we are the moon and everyone else is the sun, what exactly are we reflecting?  The moon also possesses an energetic pull on its water soul mate, subtle yet powerful in it’s influence.  Passively it pulls the tides in and out on a daily basis. Human beings are made up of over 70% water. You could argue that the moon has the same influence on our bodies.

About the Artist Elana Novali

2017 was the beginning of a new nine-year celestial cycle, noted both as “The Year of the Goddess Awakening” and “The Divine Feminine Returning”.  As I reflect back on 2017, it is undeniable that there is truth in that idea.  Women’s issues currently sit at the top of every news cycle. The cultural conciseness of the world has shifted it’s attention to #metoo, harassment in the workplace, violations of the body and mind, self worth and safety, gender identity and orientation.  In my own life this year has been one of deep healing of personal traumas from my childhood, teens and twenties.

I ventured out on a six week solo journey across the US for the 1st time to pursue a life I knew I deserved, a life filled with human connection, creativity, and the freedom to begin releasing the wounds of my past.  That trip concluded with my virgin year at Burning Man.  This was a life changing experience and while reflecting back on my 2017 experience, Luna Flora came to me in a dream. It is the culmination of my own twenty yearlong journey identifying as an artist represented in a single interactive sculpture.

Luna Flora Concept Image