Convergence 2018

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The Convergence at Arcosanti is an event on October 5-7 at Arcosanti, the world famous Urban Laboratory in the Arizona desert. It combines elements of an immersive conference, festival, workshop, and retreat. This year 1500 people will “converge” to show how lasting change can be effected through empowerment and celebration.




In our second year, the Convergence is closing the gap between festival culture and community organizing/development. We offer pragmatic tools of change while also exhibiting performances and experiences that help us understand WHY adaptation, struggle, and artistic pursuit is an essential act of life. Our principles are co-ownership, co-creation, access, accountability, civic responsibility, and urgency. We partner with leading organizations in urban design, permaculture, arts & culture, sustainability, economics, and environmental and social activism!


Our goal in developing this annual festival is to discover and share radical and revolutionary ideas that can shift our world towards equity, responsibility, justice, and joy. Year after year Arcosanti grows as a hub for radical ideas with rational implementations–a laboratory to push and define the boundaries of community, society, and our relationship to the cosmos. The revolution starts here. Our endeavor is to nudge reality towards hope by composing an event that is result-centric; one where we WORK together to build infrastructure, ideas, and relationships that can manifest a sustainable, co-creative future.


The Convergence combines dozens of keynotes and break out sessions with music performances, applied learning opportunities, small scale sustainable building projects, artistic co-creations and collaborations, a civic commons, art installations, live performers, local cuisine, film screenings and more!

How to Get Involved

Convergence 2018 is seeking project managers, teachers, organizers, etc. Please reach out if you hope to be involved, or if you have ideas for our development. Also, if you’d like to see our needs list and contribute directly, visit our website at:

Event Details

Date: 2018-10-05

Start time: 01:00 p.m.

End time: 09:00 p.m.

Venue: Arcosanti