About Us

The Arcooperative Association aka Arcoop's mission is to activate, develop, and support community based entrepreneurial and artistic activity at Arcosanti. We unite and empower many groups, especially alumni, to build this micro-city as a model for how we all thrive at Arcosanti.  

Our vision is to become an “anchoring institution” that allows Arcosanti to move past the company town paradigm; diversifying employment and increasing the standard of living for all.



The cooperative was formed by 6 residents in 2017, because we saw entrepreneurship and enterprises not being stimulated in this urban laboratory. We are passionate about inclusion, and want to move past the company-town paradigm. We are based at Arcosanti, Arizona and our members are from all around the world! 


  1. Passion made Sustainable – We seek to include, empower, and invest in people. This includes identifying their passions and helping them earn a living through it.
  2. Innovative Experimentation – We approach our work with the knowledge that failure is part of the process, and that it is here to be learned from.
  3. Restorative Impacts - We commit acts of service for environmental, social, and economic justice causes.
  4. Expanding Access - We create pathways of connection between stakeholder groups through identifying, aggregating, and disseminating resources and information.


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