About Us

The Arcooperative Association aka Arcoop's mission is to help activate, develop, and support entrepreneurial activity at Arcosanti
We empower many groups, especially alumni, to build this micro-city as a model for how we can all thrive.



The cooperative was formed by 6 residents in 2017, because we saw entrepreneurship and enterprises not being stimulated in this urban laboratory. We are passionate about inclusion, and want to move past the company-town paradigm. We are based at Arcosanti, Arizona and our members are from all around the world! 


  1. Co-Ownership – We believe in including all stakeholders in our cooperative’s success. Anyone can become a member, and eventually co-own, vote and receive dividends.
  2. Co-Creation – By working together we demonstrate how we are more than the sum of our parts. Through shared memory and meaning we begin to understand the ‘why’ of our existence.
  3. Access to Commons - We believe that sharing resources is essential to the practice of community. Pooling material and immaterial resources strengthens the ability to leverage ideas.
  4. Environmental Accountability – Underneath all that we do is a deep reverence for our planet and ecosystems. It is imperative to understand and protect our natural world.
  5. Show Don’t Tell – The mantra of the work at Arcosanti. Everyone has ideas- we care about implementations and results.
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