Event Services for Arcosanti


The Cooperative has helped many events here at Arcosanti over the years. We offer many services to make the experiences here distinct, sustainable, and magic.

Here's 3 reasons why you should work with us:

1. Diverse offerings - We offer everything from event planning, light, sound, food, sustainability, hosting, decor, waste/compost management, photography, and much more.

2. Knowledge of Arcosanti and Capabilities - We know every corner of Arcosanti, and have a wide array of offerings that use the architecture, on-site technology, and local resources based on decades of work with the land. 

3. Economics Meets Principles - Our work directly benefits the local community at Arcosanti, supporting a variety of arts and culturally driven Arconauts. The activities we invest in are regenerative and make a local impact.



Event Package 1 - Basic Events - We can provide ops, light, sound, and production services for weddings, concerts, retreats and other events ranging from a few people to a few hundred. This can be single-day or multi-day.

Event Package 2 - Sustainable Events - We provide an additional planning and sourcing before the events to make sure it is run sustainably and ethically, and manage the full lifecycle of food, disposal, and cleanup.

Event Package 3 - Custom Events - We provide programming to meet your needs, using our network of many talented creators to make a professional and powerful live experience.



Event sustainability planning - Arcosanti is about more than having fun... we are also conscious about the environment... 

Food + Beverages - We source local (from the property or nearbye) product, spirits, and slow, local food to make delicious, seasonal meals paired to the experience. 

Lighting, Sound, Mgmt - We provide professional lighting, sound, and event management to run events, whether its for a concert, keynote, wedding, or other event type.

Photo and Video - Our local photo/video team is top notch and has shot extensively at Arcosanti, learning it's specifics. You'll be able to browse past productions to really get the details right! 

Programming - We can source talented speakers, artists, teachers, and others to provide the live content you seek.

Streaming - We can stream your event to anywhere in real-time, opening up to a global audience. This includes in custom VR spaces modeled after Arcosanti!

Much More... - We have a suite of other services as well, that you can browse here.